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Dr. Gasterstaedt, Johannes

( *   1888   25. Feb. 1937 )


1923 - ????
Junkers Main Office

???? - 1938
Junkers Motorenwerke

Johannes Gasterstaedt joint the Junkers Hauptburo in 1923. Later he moved to the engine division and was responsible for the developement of the Junkers Oil Engines. Gasterstaedt died in 1937.

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Gausmann, Carl

( *   27. March 1895   )


1923 – ????
Junkers Research Laboratories

???? - 1945
Junkers Motorenwerke

after WWII:
Junkers Patent Office

Carl Gausmann joint the Junkers Research Institute in September 1923. Later he moved to Prof. Mader as a design engineer and worked on the Junkers Fo2, Fo3, Fo4 Oil Engines as well as on the L5, L8 engines and the Jumo 210. From 1938 he was the manager of the Jumo construction office of the serial production. After WWII he was responsible for managing the remaining Junkers patents.

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Gerlach, Manfred

( *   1905   1974 )


1926 - 1945
JFM Design Office
later Jumo

Manfred Gerlach was a design engineer at IFM in the late 30s. He was engaged in the development of the high altitude engine of the Junkers Ju86. Gerlach was also engaged in the oil engine developement of Jumo and the test cell operation of these engines. At the end of WWII Gerlach was responsible for the Jumo 224 developement, which was continued in Kuibyschew after WWII.

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Gassner, Alfred

( *     )


1935 - 1937
JFM Construction Office

Alfred Grassner was born in Austria, but moved to the U.S. later on. During the 20s and 30s he worked for Fairchild Corporation, before he moved to Europe in 1935. Here he joint the JFM on personal request of Koppenberg and assisted Zindel in detail design questions of the Junkers Ju88. In 1937 Gassner left Junkers and moved to Sweden. Gassner was employed by AB Förenade Flygverkstäder (AFF), founded in January 1937 to design aircraft for ASJA at Linköping and the new company Svenska Aeroplan AB (SAAB) at Trollhättan. He designed the F-1 project, an observation aircraft similar to the Westland Lysander. This aircraft was offered to the Swedish Air Force on 15 August 1938 together with ASJA's L-10, which had been developed by a team of American designers. The L 10 was preferred (it was then built as the SAAB 17) and work on Gassner's F-1 was discontinued. When ASJA was incorporated into SAAB in March 1939 Gassner left the company and returned to the U.S. after a short while of working with Fokker in the Netherlands.

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Gretz, Heinz

( *     )


1920 - 1920
Lloyd Ostflug GmbH

Together with Sachsenberg, Heinz Gretz founded the Siedlungsgesellschaft Seerappen mbH for the former members of the Geschwader Sachsenberg on 17th January 1920. He became Flight Director at Schneidmühl for Lloyd Ostflug GmbH in 1920. But in December 1920 Gretz left Schneidmuehl and sold his shares of OLA to Sachsenberg.

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( *     )


???? - 1945
JFM Project Office

During WWII Gropler headed the Junkers Project Office.

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Dr. Gruender, Georg

( *     )


1940 - 1945
JFM Main Office

Georg Gruender was manager of the Junkers Hauptburo during WWII. He was also member of the board of directors of the Junkers Flugzeug und Motorenwerke AG.

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Gsell, Robert

( *   1889   )


TH Aachen

Robert Gsell was one of Germany's early pilots. In 1912 he first flew the Reissner Cunard of Prof. Reissner and Prof. Junkers in Aachen. He joint Flugzeugbau Friedrichshafen in 1912 and performed several record flights for them. During WWI he joint the DVL and in 1919 he participated in the F13 altitude record flight of "Annelise".

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( *     )


1923 - ????
Junkers Meteorological Unit

Gutezeit was one of the first meteorologists of Junkers Luftverkehrs AG in 1923. He was mostly responsible for the education of Junkers pilots regarding weather forecasts.

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